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Why Have Moving Quotes?

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

The hope of finding new employment and better opportunities in a different place urge families to move even if it means a lot of emotional and financial stress. To lessen the torture that moving brings, do moving quotes.

What can requesting for moving quotes do?

Choosing a long distance moving company is hard. Asking for moving quotes, and knowing who you can afford helps you reduce your choices.

Plus, online application for moving quotes can:

  • Give you a chance to get to assess your moving company’s services, competitiveness and responsiveness.
  • Are free opportunities to know which moving company suits your needs best.

What to expect in full service moving quotes?

Moving companies offer different moving services. But the best factor in knowing moving help is your relocating needs. You must know which moving services are essential so that you can get the best bargain from your long distance moving company.

You must also know the right questions to ask. One of the important concerns you must address is the moving delivery time. What will happen if they cannot deliver your properties on time? What if you cannot receive your personal effects on the scheduled date of delivery?

Know about moving storage fees that apply if you cannot agree to receive your properties on time. Understand that the industry standard is to have an estimated date that will work for both the movers and their customer.

You must also have documentation. Have a list of your inventory. This may seem take a lot of time and effort, but it is what moving companies need to estimate the cost of your relocation. Knowing what you will move can eventually save you from extra and unexpected charges.

Some companies however do moving quotes based on the space you things will occupy in their moving truck. This is good for it only charges the exact space that your personal effects will occupy.

Also know if you have a binding or non-binding quote. Binding quotes may be higher but they cannot charge more than what is in the contract. Non-binding quotes may be risky because they can add up a fee not in your quote.

Having a moving quote helps in selecting the best moving company that offers the moving services you need at your affordable range. Just be sure that your choice is trustworthy, licensed, insures and bonded.

A Homeowners’ Guide to Moving Companies

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Moving to a new home need not be a painful experience. Just following these simple moving tips can save homeowners from a lot of trouble.

Canvas for Moving Quotes

The best way to get a fair deal is to contact a lot of companies and ask for price quotes. This way, one can compare prices and ensure that he gets the services that he needs the most. Just remember to follow the next advice when doing so.

Get In-house Estimates

One of the common mistakes homeowners make in hiring moving companies is making the transaction and asking for a quote over the telephone. A precise estimate is only possible if the company goes to the house and sees all the things that have to be moved. Also, if the company is within 50 miles, this is a requirement.

Beware of Cheap Moving Costs

A mover who tells a homeowner that he’s willing to do the job for s lot less than other movers is probably a scammer. One of the usual schemes that movers may do is to hold the homeowner’s things for insurance until the extra charges which suddenly just crop up in the bills are paid.

Plan Ahead

Companies have their busy seasons so it’s always a good plan to arrange everything in advance. The best time is during second to third weeks of winter since most renters move out at the start of the month when the lease has been signed.

Get a Written Contract

Make sure that a binding estimate has been signed. The contract has to contain all the services agreed upon by the company and the homeowner. A homeowner has the right to refuse signing a moving quote or contract which makes him uncomfortable.

In summary, hiring moving companies just takes a lot of good sense. Hopefully, these tips would be quite helpful. Good luck!