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What is the best way to compare the moving quotes, information, and moving advice that you get from various moving companies? It's a question that anyone who has ever moved has had to face. It can be very confusing to sift through the information offered by moving services, so just getting a few estimates is not always the answer.

Getting the best moving quotes, information, and terms

Getting the best moving quotesIn general, moving services base their estimate on the weight of your items, the distance of the move, and the services you need. However, you should not assume that all companies calculate their estimates this way. If you need relocation services, always contact at least three companies and ask for written estimates. That way, you can carefully review what is - and is not - included in each price.

Always get an in-home estimate, as this is the most accurate method. When moving professionals show up at your home, show them everything that needs to be moved - including any items in the attic, basement, garage, and other storage areas. Be sure to detail any potential problems - such as the fact that your street limits large trucks - and outline carefully what services you need. The more relocation services know about your needs, the more accurately they can calculate an estimate.

Binding vs. Non-binding estimates

When getting estimates from moving companies, always ask whether you are getting a binding or non-binding quote. Also, make sure that this detail is included in the written estimate. In non-binding estimates, a mover estimates the weight of your items but your final moving cost is not tabulated until after your items have been weighed on moving day. This means that your actual moving costs can be higher than your estimate. A mover cannot demand more than 110% of the non-binding estimate amount at the time of delivery. However, if any additional services were required to complete the move or if you required more items to be shipped than you indicated at the time of the estimate, you may have to pay more than the 110% over the estimate price.

A binding estimate, as the name suggests, sets out a specific agreed-upon price for the move. The amount you see on your binding estimate is the price you pay, even if the shipment weighs less or weighs more than what was estimated by the relocation services. However, as with the non-binding estimate, moving companies will add to the estimate if you add more items or if the move requires additional services. If you request more services after your estimate, your moving services will bill you these additional charges 30 days after your items have been delivered.

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