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Moving and Storage Pitfalls that Will Cost You More

Monday, December 1st, 2008

There are several reasons why an individual or family will leave their own abode and move into another home. While some of these reasons are for advancement purposes, like moving to a newly bought house or landing a much higher-paying job, others can be personal and not planned. In any case, moving services can entail a considerable amount of cost that will be compounded if moving and storage mistakes are committed by the individual or family.

Unless the situation calls for it, booking the services of moving companies at the last minute can blow your budget apart. The ideal lead time is six weeks which can allow you to look for the best deal in town. The same holds true if you’re moving on your own and just rent a moving truck.

Renting these trucks on the rush will make the rental companies charge more than the usual rates. In worst cases, the company that you were eyeing for might run out of available units and you will have no choice but to look for another that might charge more.

The busiest time for moving services is during the summer months. The number of families moving during these periods could jack prices up. It would be best to avoid this season. However, if the situation calls for it and you have no choice, remember to book companies or trucks weeks in advance.

Doing so would allow you to discuss details of the new homes with moving companies like parking spaces and the cost for their services. Never assume anything as this might cost you more in the long run. The principle applies with rental trucks. Knowing the mileage and insurance coverage can help prepare you well, so you will not end up paying for more when the time comes.

The biggest pitfall in moving would probably be the absence of a plan. Moving at the last minute would definitely cost you more than a well-planned schedule. Lay out your budget well to avoid unexpected expenses, usually associated if you do not have a plan.