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Outside Storage: An Option for your Business

Need space to keep all your files and other equipment? Then consider moving them to an outside storage.

In many cases, space is unavailable in your office and it may not be cost effective to pay for an additional space, more especially if your business is not a huge one. This is when you will need a cheaper public storage.

An outside storage is very convenient and cost effective as it can store such items:

  • Files
  • Marketing Presentations
  • Computers
  • Any excess stock
  • Office Furniture
  • Miscellaneous office equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Pianos
  • Musical Instruments

When moving items from your office into an outside storage, always check if there is a retention policy on record storage in your company or if there is any regulatory requirement on how long you have to keep such records. Some records may be obsolete that you can already shred and throw them.

Also, you have to check if it is possible for you to just go and collect the items from storage anytime you want or if you have to issue any notice to do it.

Decide whether you will be availing a supplemental insurance at $0.30/lbs. minimum that is required of every warehouse operator without additional cost. There might be an existing policy in you company’s insurance that covers goods in storage.

One of the primary considerations in outside storage is security. To ensure security arrangements, ask your warehouse operator such questions:

  • Is there a 24-hr security coverage
  • Any CCTV’s?
  • Are there fire and burglar alarms?
  • Will you provide access cards/keys? (If yes, who else will have them?)

Another major consideration is the environment. Your items might require specific climate conditions. For example, paper files need humidity control for high humidity damages paper products. You will have to pay extra for storage with climate control but it is worth it.

Many warehouse operators offer options such as packing up, loading, and moving your goods to the storage units. You can also ask them for bulk discounts if you have sister companies.

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