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Save on Moving Companies Costs

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

There are just a lot to do and a lot to pay for during moving and it can be very stressful. After everything has been said and done, you are still left with the hassle of paying for the services of the moving companies.

How do you save on moving costs? How do you make sure that you are able to maximize all your resources, including your hard-earned money? Here are tips for you that you can take note of as you move from your old house to a new one:

  • Get estimates from different moving companies. It is recommended that you get an estimate from different companies so that you are able to compare the different prices. Aside from visiting the websites of different moving services, you can also ask them to visit your house and have an estimate. This is the best move, since it would give you a very good idea of the amount that you would pay for on your actual moving day.
  • Research well on the moving company. To make sure that you are getting a reputable moving service, conduct your own research and get a background check of the company. To do this, you can check in the company’s website if they have an actual address. Get it and try to drop by their office. If there is an actual physical office, then that is fine. You can also read forums in the Internet, reviewing the moving services.Lastly, the best sources of reviews are your friends and families.
  • Minimize the things that you have to move. Whether the moving service you got would charge you based on the weight of your items or on the number of boxes, the important thing to remember is this: The less items, the less cost you have to pay. With this, it is important that you take away some things or leave them behind. You can even use this opportunity to make extra cash to pay for your moving costs. You can have a garage sale, or bring some of your items in your local thrift shop.

Moving companies are supposed to lift your burden when you move from one place to another. It is not supposed to give you more problems. Make sure that you do everything you can to save on costs.

Moving Costs to Prepare For

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Making sure that the moving van is all ready is just one step in making the transition to a new home. Knowing the essential moving costs will prepare a new home owner for the big day.

Packaging Materials

Newspaper may be cheaper than bubble wrap, but compare the costs of damaging a beloved heirloom to getting some old newspaper, and bubble wrap wins hands down. Boxes should be clearly labeled using black felt tip marker and secured with packing tape. Ask grocery and liquor stores for free boxes or check from listings in the internet from people who just moved in your community. Alternatively, prepare a few months in advance and just collect the boxes.


Check with agents for the coverage of homeowners’ insurance. To get the best protection, it is advisable to get full-replacement valuation from the moving services. One can also avail of the cheapest valuation which will only cost 30 to 60 cents per pound per article, depending on the distance of the move. However, cheap protection cost also means minimal insurance.

Extra Charges

  • Expensive items like pianos or art collections may incur special handling charges and extra insurance coverage. Third-party movers may also be required for items that need disassembly like gym equipment.
  • Professional movers are usually tipped 25 dollars for each crew member. Food and drinks are not required, but encouraged.
  • Travel costs, including gas and meals. The farther the move, the higher these in-transit costs would be.
  • Unforeseen costs caused by delays.

Lately, there has been an increase in complaints against moving companies who hijack their clients’ stuff for additional charges. Homeowners need not worry about scammers if they get referrals from friends and family, and complete a background check first.

Be sure that a written moving quote and all other necessary paperwork are also provided by the company. Still, it is always wise to save a little extra for unfortunate events when computing for moving costs.

The Best Moves to Save on Moving Costs

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Moving on is always considered good advice. But when it comes to moving on to a new home, it takes more thinking if a homeowner wants to save on moving costs. Here are some moving tips to consider before calling the movers.

Plan the budget. Calculate fixed costs (unavoidable expenses) and other extras. Fixed costs include lease termination, utility bills, closing expenses and the like. A child, a pet dog, gasoline expenses and temporary lodgings are considered extra expenses.

Select a mover. A moving company will definitely help a lot, but one can always opt to rent the moving equipment and let family and friends help out with the actual move. Those that choose to hire moving services should do a canvass of at least three or four companies.

Consider moving services. If you do choose to go with a professional mover, select the best service for your budget. Asking the movers to do the packing will cost roughly 25 percent of the total cost. The least costly is to pack everything up yourself and let the movers do the transfer. Movers can just provide the packing material, but if there is an extra budget and less time to spare, movers can do a partial or full pack.

Do some home improvement. Inspect the new home and check for needed repairs that may add to expenses. A professional cleaning service can do the sprucing up, if time is scarce. Also, consider other extra services that the family might need like an internet connection or telephone line. All of this should be added to the total moving cost.

Leave room for extra. If everything has been added up, there’s still one last thing to do before packing it all up and moving on – add 10 percent to the total costs and everything’s good to go.

When everything budget-related has been planned, then by all means, it’s time to move on. Pack up, or go and hire that moving company.

Stuff Homeowners Should Do Before Hiring a Moving Company

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Moving after a foreclosure? Or just simply planning on moving to a new home? These moving tips can save homeowners a lot of expense. Discriminate Do you really want to spend on moving that rotting sofa in the attic? Before asking for a quote from the movers, go through the whole house and choose items […]

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Moving Tips for First-Timers

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Moving home for first-timers is not that simple. You need to contact moving companies to do the back-breaking job of carrying out, loading and carrying in your appliances, furniture and other stuff. You not only should consider your moving cost but also the cost involved of living on your own. Here are some financial tips […]

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Reduce Moving Costs by Making a Budget

Monday, December 1st, 2008

When moving home, unexpected events often arise. But when you have a plan and a budget in your mind and on paper, you would be able to decide quickly on how to respond to the unpleasant surprises. You can make a moving budget using the MS Excel or GoogleDocs spreadsheet, but you can use paper […]

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