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Choosing a Moving Company

Once you have made the decision to move, no other decision is as important as choosing a moving company. Professional and qualified movers ensure a smooth moving experience while the wrong relocation services can mean delays and other hassles.

Before talking to moving services

Before talking to moving servicesDecide what you will be transporting and what you will be taking with you. Knowing how much you need to ship will help you get a more accurate estimate. Also, consider which moving services you will need. Will you need relocation services to pack your items or will you complete your packing yourself? Will you need storage or will you need to buy packing supplies?

Your needs will also determine which moving companies you may want to hire. If you are moving to another state, for example, you will want interstate movers. If you are moving across several state lines, you will want to find longer distance movers. Choosing a moving company experienced in the type of move you are making is important.

Before talking to relocation services, make sure that you know about any circumstances that may affect your moving costs. If street access is limited or movers will have to carry your items more than 75 feet from the truck to your home, you may be charged additional amounts. The more you know about the conditions movers are likely to encounter, the more accurate your estimate will be.

Talking to relocation services

Talking to relocation servicesAlways call a few moving services and ask for estimates. Look for companies offering in-home estimates, as these tend to be much more accurate. Also, ask for binding estimates and make sure that you understand how long the estimate is valid. This will help prevent unexpected increases in your moving costs.

Make sure that you talk to licensed movers - always ask for the DOT license number so that you can verify it. Check moving services with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) and ask friends and family for their moving service recommendations. Always make sure that your movers offer moving insurance. If you are hiring interstate movers, verify that they have a price list and tariffs list you can examine. Also, make sure that they are part of a dispute settlement program and offer neutral arbitration in the event of a problem. You can find out about the quality of moving companies by calling the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), your state transportation department, your department of consumer affairs, your state's transportation department, and your state's public utilities commission. If a mover has many complaints, that is a red flag.

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