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Renting a Truck for Your Moving and Storage Needs

There may be several reasons why you would like to use storage services. Some reasons may be happy, while others might be sad. A new good paying job in another city could be happy reasons, while a divorce or a foreclosure could be some of those sad reasons. Whatever the reasons are, most people would like to save on their moving and storage expenses and use the extra money during their resettlement period.

One of the basic and less expensive options to move your valuables to a storage facility would be to rent a moving truck, pack your stuff on your own, and drive the truck to the storage location. This will be cheaper than hiring a full service move or even self-service. The key here is to do your packing quickly to lessen the time you rent the truck, which of course would mean the longer the time the truck stays with you, the more cost you have to pay. Here are some practical tips to maximize your use of the rental truck.

  • Get as much people to help you pack as possible. Solicit help from friends, families or neighbors to pack your things at the earliest possible time. In relation to this, check with the storage company if unloading at their end would cost you extra.
  • Book the moving services as early as possible, and while you are at it, book the truck in the middle of the week to save on costs
  • Use the right packing materials. It does not have to be expensive. Cheap or alternative ones would do as long as you packed your things correctly to prevent damage during storage. Maintain a moving checklist to guide you in your packing so no item will be left out.
  • Check the van or moving truck you will rent out. Familiarize yourself on how to drive it, or seek help from friends or families who knows how to do it.

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