Unemployment Impacts National Moving Companies

Relocation services experts have asserted that the high level of unemployment in the U.S. is causing national moving companies to lose business. According to them, the more jobless people there are, the less number of households are willing to move from their current location.

Experts have stated that with the job market being in such poor condition, people should have been relocating to other places to look for better prospects. However, they reveal that the opposite is actually happening. They stated that most of the unemployed are unwilling or unable to relocate to another state to seek for a new job, either because they do not have the money to relocate or they cannot leave their home and are unable to sell it.

An online job search resource, Indeed.com, has ranked the metro areas in the U.S. that offer the biggest employment opportunities and those that are considered the least ideal for people seeking employment. According to the online resource, metro areas that have the lowest number of jobless people are Washington, Boston, New York, Baltimore and San Jose, California.

Logically, national moving companies that have operations in these areas should benefit since people should be eager to move to these cities. However, job market data showed that no such movement is happening among workers of the country. Even those who live in cities that are ranked highest among areas with the poorest employment prospects are unwilling to budge, industry experts have reported.

Metro regions that are considered poor options for those looking for a job include Las Vegas, Detroit, Miami and Riverside and Los Angeles, California. Industry observers have reported that lack of money for relocation, inability to sell current residence and uncertainty about finding a place to live in the new city have all conspired to convince most Americans to stay put despite the fact that the logical choice is to move to places where jobs are available.

In addition, industry experts believe that the housing market crisis has made the unemployment rate of the country higher than it should be. They asserted that problems in real estate curtailed potential migration and deprived national moving companies of clients. Uncertainty, they added, is currently the biggest enemy of the relocation services industry.

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