Web Site to Help Consumers Find Legit Relocation Moving Companies

The MovingGuardian.org Web site has been launched to provide help to families, individuals and businesses in the U.S. find licensed relocation moving companies. According to Michael Hill, the site will help households and companies avoid fraudulent schemes perpetrated in the moving services industry by some malpracticing relocation firms.

The public service online resource will feature a directory listing top-rated moving service firms and links to Better Business Bureau that acknowledges the legitimacy of the companies. However, Hill has stated that it is not only BBB ratings that are being used by the site to determine whether a moving firm should be recommended to consumers or not.

According to him, companies will also be listed in the site's directory and their advertisements will appear on the online resource only after they have satisfied the guidelines established by Moving Guardian. The Web site will also include a section dedicated to reviews of relocation moving companies where consumers can post feedback on the firm that handled their relocation and moving concerns.

On top of these important features, the MovingGuardian.org site will also provide a free moving guide and relocation service calculator. Hill claims that the Web site will serve as a non-stop shop for people and companies that are planning to relocate. The aim, Hill adds, is to make moving a safe and stress-free activity. High visibility labels meant to prevent loss of property and Simple Language contracts for relocation firms are also featured in the site.

Hill reveals that his very first job after graduating from college was with a relocation service firm. He admits that the actual experience was quite distressing, with fake moving companies competing with reputable relocation service companies in almost equal number. He recounts seeing fraudulent companies driving auctioned off moving trucks and vans with the name of legitimate and trusted companies emblazoned on the vehicles, only to cheat unsuspecting customers who thought they were dealing with legitimate movers.

With the launch of MovingGuardian.org, Hill hopes to separate the legitimate and honest relocation moving companies from those who are only in the business to scam customers who are already stressed with moving concerns.

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