Things to Remember about Moving Services

More than 43 million Americans are expected to move this year. With this number, a lot of moving services are also seen to be aggressive in promoting their services. Before you get overwhelmed with the great offers of moving companies, make sure that you know what you need and what to do to prepare for your move.

Oftentimes, we forget a lot of things and pointers because the things to do are just a lot! For you to be able to have an organized and non-stressful move, here are ten things that you have to remember as a mover.

  1. Keep important documents. Make sure that you have copies of your whole family’s medical records. You might need information about your children’s vaccination and immunization information. Also, if you have any pets, make sure that you also have a record of their veterinary documents. Also, keep your children’s permanent school records. You are going to need those when you enroll them in your state’s new school.
  2. Do not forget to retrieve your hidden possessions inside the house. You might have hidden jewelries or other valuable pieces in some hidden storage of your house. Make sure that you collect these items before you move. Also, while moving, do not give the items to the moving service. Carry them yourself.
  3. Make sure you bring your phonebook. You might need old phone numbers of your neighbors and contacts in your old location. Keep a record of phone numbers so you can easily keep in touch with your friends.
  4. Take the things you left in the shop, and return the items you need to. If you have a record of the things you have left in the dry cleaner or the repair shop, make sure that you collect them before you move out. The sooner you gather your things, the sooner you can put them in your moving storage. Also, return books or movies you rented so that your movie rental shop wouldn’t sun after you with overdue charges.
  5. Keep your new address. Make your new address accessible whenever you might need it. It is best to keep it in your wallet, so that you can easily take it out in case you need to write it somewhere.
  6. Clean your house before you leave. Make sure that you leave your old house spic and span. Do not leave anything behind. If you have items that you don’t want to bring with you anymore to your new home, get rid of them by throwing them away. Better yet, you can hold a garage sale days before you move out so you can get rid of the things you don’t need and keep those that you want to load into the moving truck.
  7. Leave the opener for the electric garage. Remove it from your car or van and make sure that you leave it in your old house.
  8. Make arrangements for your pets. Most moving companies do not have provisions for pets. It is your responsibility to find a safe way for them to go from your old house to your new home.
  9. Open new accounts in your new area. Be wise to open a checking account in your new area so that you can easily release money. Moving requires some cash, and it is always best to have your money ready, especially to pay for the moving service. It is recommended to open a new account a month before you move in.
  10. Get all your keys from your old house. You might have left some keys to your neighbors. Collect all of them before you move out.

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