Things to Ask about Moving Companies

A sign of a good moving company is the way it conducts its moving estimate. It should send its staff to conduct an evaluation and estimate the cost of the whole moving process. If a moving company is able to give you an estimate even without seeing your home, then it is very likely that it is not reliable and worse, it may even be a scam.

While the moving estimate is being performed by the representative of the moving company, you can check the following things to make sure if you are getting the best company and if you can get the best deal.

  • If the company is an actual moving company or a brokerage
  • Who your contact will be for concerns and questions
  • Ways of determining the total cost of the move
  • Cost of additional services
  • The effect of increased valuation on the moving estimate
  • If the estimate is based on volume or weight
  • The official name of the moving company
  • The length of time the company has been in the business
  • The website and email address of the moving company
  • Whether they lease or own the vehicles they use for moving
  • Moving equipment and vehicles that they use, such as pick-up, trailer, box truck
  • If the company is licensed or insured
  • The insurance coverage
  • The US DOT and MC numbers of the moving company
  • References you can contact to get information about the moving company
  • Membership in any of the following industry organizations: BBB or Chamber of Commerce
  • Whether their estimates are binding or non-binding
  • Whether their estimates are valued based on a flat rate or charged by the hour
  • Whether they have discounts for military, students or seniors

After the moving company has given you the estimate, take the time to think it through and evaluate if it is a good deal for you. Also, read the terms of agreement so that you will be sure that you will get everything you need and at the same time not expect a lot from them.

It is recommended to get several estimates from different moving companies services. Once you have selected the company of your choice, you can then sign the agreement and start moving. During the conduct of the moving estimate, you can ask questions. This will help you evaluate the company better.

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