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Types of Movers

If you are considering various moving companies for your next move, you need to realize that there are many types of movers available to you. It is imperative that you consider your needs. Choosing the wrong movers for your moving needs will only result in frustration for both parties. In general, there are three types of movers you can choose from: combination service movers, full-service movers, and do-it-yourself moving services.

Full-service movers

Full-service moversAs their name suggests, full-service relocation services take care of all the details of moving for you. You simply call up the service and professionals take care of packing, loading, transporting, and unloading your items at your destination. These types of services are ideal for those customers who are busy or are inexperienced at moving. Full-service relocation services reduce the stress and time required to move and also mean less labor for you. While these services do cost more than other options, full-service movers are fully licensed and are professionals. Therefore, your items are more likely to arrive undamaged at your final destination. If any unforeseen damage does occur, insurance will compensate you fully. Many people who are moving opt for full-service moving services because they want to avoid all the hassles and problems associated with moving.

Combination service movers

Combination service moversSomewhere between full-service movers and do-it-yourself services are these types of moving services. Essentially, these services require you to load, unload, and pack your items while the movers are responsible for driving your items to your final destination. This is a more affordable alternative to full-service moving companies and many people enjoy the fact that they control how their possessions are packed and loaded and unloaded. If you have fragile items, you can pack and load them yourself in a manner that makes you feel comfortable.

These services are ideal for small to medium moves. These types of moving services are also ideal if you do not want to pay for full service but want someone else to take care of driving a large moving truck.

Do-it-yourself moving services

Do-it-yourself moving servicesThese relocation services require you to take care of the packing, loading, driving, and unloading yourself. These moving companies will generally rent you a truck and may sell you packing supplies and storage space. You will be required to put in the effort of the move yourself. The main advantage of this type of service is that it is usually the least expensive.

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