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2 Weeks Before Your Move

About 2 weeks before your move, you should be well on your way. At this stage in the moving process, you will be making final decisions about some of your possessions and will be cleaning out your home. You should also have many items already packed or should have arrangements made with moving companies to professionally pack your items before your move. Organization will keep this stage of the moving process relatively hassle-free.

Final errands

There are some final errands you will want to complete in the 2 weeks before your move. For example, you will want to clean out your lockers and storage areas outside the home. If you will be traveling in your car to your new destination, now is a good time to get your car tuned up for a smooth ride. At this stage, you will also want to clean out your safety deposit boxes and transfer your prescriptions to a pharmacy near your new home. Cancel any subscriptions or deliveries and arrange for any storage you may need at your destination.

Final errandsIf you own a computer, back up all your files and programs. You will likely want to take these backup discs with you on moving day. Some moving companies are reluctant to move computers, because extreme temperatures can damage computers and software. Ask your movers whether they transport computers. If they do not, you may need to make other moving arrangements for your system.

Packing and moving services should be well in hand

Packing and moving servicesAt this stage, you should be cleaning and clearing out your entire home. Even if you are having relocation services do the packing for you, you still need to go over your possessions and determine what you are taking with you and what you are leaving behind.

Keep in mind that some items require special moving preparation. If you own power tools, a snow blower, or a lawn mower powered by oil or gasoline, you will need to drain these items so they can be safely transported. If you are taking large appliances with you, you may need to find professionals to disconnect these items and reconnect them at your new location.

As you pack, consider calling your moving companies to get a list of hazardous materials that cannot be packed or shipped via moving services. You will need to dispose of these items before moving day. If you are moving any non-toxic and non-flammable liquids, wrap them carefully in plastic bags and tape the caps to prevent leaking.

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