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1 Week Before Your Move

In the final 1 week before your move, separate those items that will be moved by moving companies and those that you will move yourself. Start labeling things and getting them ready for moving. If you are very behind in packing, you may need help from relocation services.

Getting ready for moving day - making things easy for moving companies

Getting ready for moving dayIf you have hired relocation services, you will still need to make things easier on the movers. You may want to indicate with labels which items are "fragile", and which items movers should "load last". Any items you do not want the movers to move should be clearly labeled as "do not load". Better yet, place items you are taking with you yourself - such as documents and valuables - in a separate room.

Taking care of details

Taking care of detailsIf your home needs minor repairs, now is the time to take care of it. Also, if you need to have your home cleaned before the new tenants move in, now is the time to call cleaning services or time to start scrubbing yourself! In the last 1 week before moving, contact the landlord, real estate agent, or new tenant to arrange for a convenient time to drop off keys, garage door openers, alarm codes, and anything else that the new tenant needs. If there will be no one moving into your current home for a while, contact the local police to make sure that they know the home will be unoccupied.

You will also want to use your final week to make sure that your own move will be pleasant and hassle-free. Pack your suitcases and determine what you will need as you move. Confirm any travel plans you have made, but remember to keep things flexible in case of last-minute delays. Pack a separate box or suitcase filled with all the items - including toiletries and clothing - you will need for the first few nights in your new home. Before you move, take care of any local errands. For example, if you have any outstanding bills at your current home, pay them off.

You will want to work out payment and insurance details with your movers and set aside enough money (including tip) for your relocation services. Most moving companies require COD (cash on delivery), but make sure that you understand what payment form is expected. Many moving services do accept checks and credit cards.

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