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1 Day Before Your Move

The final 1 day before your move is sure to be filled with many emotions. You may be excited about your new home, saddened at leaving your current community and maybe even a little anxious about the move itself. If you have selected from various moving companies carefully to find your movers and have planned ahead, you can look forward to a relatively hassle-free move. Your final day in your current home should be spent taking care of a few final details and then resting for the big day.

Final details and preparations

Final details and preparationsIn the final 1 day before your move, consider what you will need in your new home right away. You may need cleaning supplies, disposable cutlery and cups and plates, light bulbs, snacks, toiletries, paper towels, bathroom tissue, and garbage bags, for example. Pack these items in a separate box to take with you. If your movers will arrive at your location on the day you move in, have your movers pack this final box last and unpack it first. Otherwise, bring it with you. Do a final sweep of the house to make sure that everything is tidy and clean, ready to go for moving day. Make sure that you remember to clean out sinks and the refrigerator - those things that you use everyday and may forget about in the last-minute rush.

Prepare for moving companies

Prepare for moving companiesGo through your home the day before the movers arrive and make sure that everything is clear for the movers. You will not be able to be present everywhere the movers are, so make sure that someone could pack your home up even without your personal supervision. For example, clearly mark boxes if they contain fragile items and mark any boxes you want packed last or first. Any items you do not want transported should be stored away so that they are not accidentally placed on the moving truck.

Make sure that the driver and movers will arrive at the appointed time and that someone will be there to greet them and let them into your home. Be prepared to not sign anything until an inventory is done and the moving companies have performed moving services in the manner stated in your contract. Have a copy of your new phone and address on hand. When the movers arrive, you will need to place this information on the bill of landing.

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