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6-8 Weeks Before Your Move

About Six weeks before your move, focus on organizing and planning ahead so that moving day will run smoothly. One of the first things you will want to do about two months before your move is contact moving companies. You will want to make sure that you have your move scheduled and that you know what to expect on moving day.

Make decisions

Make decisionsYou will want to be making most major decisions about your move at least 6-8 weeks before your move. For example, you will want to decide what you will want to move with you and what you will be packing. If you have items that you will be disposing of, decide whether you want to donate your items to charity or have a garage sale. If you decide to give your items to charity, call ahead for a pick up date about a week before your move. Ask for a receipt so that you can enjoy a tax refund for your generosity.

If you decide to host a yard sale to minimize your moving expenses, plan your garage sale now. Plan to have your yard sale about two weeks before your moving day. Call newspapers now to place an ad before your yard sale and start talking to neighbors - if you can convince them to have a yard sale, too, your "neighborhood sale" will attract even more customers.

Get started

Once you have contacted moving companies about your move, you may wish to contact them about packing supplies. You may also want to visit a local office supply store or moving supply company to find the materials you need to get packing.

Contact your new local Chamber of Commerce to request information about your new community and get a floor plan of your new home so that you know where you will place your furniture. At this stage, you will also want to make travel arrangements to get to your new home. However, be sure to keep your plans flexible so that if there are any delays you can easily deal with them.

About two months before your move, start a file folder of your receipts. Some of your moving expenses may be deductible. Contact your current insurance provider to cancel or transfer your insurance policies. Once you have made arrangements with moving companies for the big day, make sure that you will be taking all your important information and documents with you. Items such as medical records are too important not to have on your person.

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