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3 Weeks Before Your Move

About 3 weeks before your move, you will finalize your decisions and plans. At this stage, you will likely be contacting moving companies regularly in order to make small changes. Do not panic - that's normal. Just make sure you keep communication with your moving services open.

Finalize your plans with relocation services

About 3 weeks before your move, make final plans and share these plans with moving companies. For example, you will want to decide who will do the packing and unpacking of your items. You will also want to decide how you will transport your car to your new home. If there are any changes to your moving dates or if you realize that you need additional services, now is the time to let moving services know. Be sure to ask for a new estimate, as your moving costs will change with additional services. Talk to your moving professionals about the relocation services you have ordered - make sure that you have the services you need at this point.

Make arrangements for borrowed and fragile items

Make arrangements for borrowed and fragile itemsSome items are too fragile or problematic to move easily. If you have very fragile items, consider getting them professionally packed. If you have plants, make sure that your new state permits you to move plants across state lines. If this is not the case, find new homes for your plants.

Your pets will also need additional care. At least one month before your move, take your pets to the vet. Get advice on ways you can make the moving process easier for your pets and make sure that your pets have the health certificates and evidence of rabies inoculations you may need. Find out what additional documents you may need if you are crossing state lines and make sure that you get your pet's medical records transferred or get a copy of your pet's medical history for your new vet. Make moving arrangements for your pets. Many relocation services do not transport animals, so you may need to make arrangements to take your pets with you yourself.

Make sure that you return any items you have loaned out - including library books and rented videos. Ask friends or family to return items they have borrowed from you. Don't overlook items you may have out for repairs or cleaning. Moving companies will not wait for you because you have errands to run on moving day, so get these errands sorted out well in advance.

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