Stuff Homeowners Should Do Before Hiring a Moving Company

Moving after a foreclosure? Or just simply planning on moving to a new home? These moving tips can save homeowners a lot of expense.

Do you really want to spend on moving that rotting sofa in the attic? Before asking for a quote from the movers, go through the whole house and choose items that can be discarded. Afterwards, make a final moving list. Inform the mover for any changes as this will change the costs for moving.

Disassemble, Disconnect, Pack and Save
A homeowner can save around 25 percent on moving costs by doing most of the packing himself. Use luggage bags for fabrics, and utilize closet and drawer space. If possible, disassemble and move extras like gym equipment, and disconnect and reconnect appliances yourself.

Pack it Right
Secure delicate items in bubble wrap or Styrofoam rather than newspaper. Costs will be greater if an expensive item gets broken during a move. Color code or label boxes according to room to save moving time.

Buy Extra Packaging
Making frequent trips to buy packaging materials can be costly. Calculate extra packaging that needs to be bought even before packing. Moving companies may also allow homeowners to return extra boxes if the boxes are bought from them.

Ask and Do the Math
Ask the following people for cost-cutting advice:

  • Ask a professional if the move may be tax-deductible. This generally applies to businesses.
  • Ask your agent if your insurance policy has additional moving protection, and for ways to insure the move
  • Ask the moving company for ways to reduce expenses

Plan Move-in Times
Moving companies are in-demand and more expensive in June to August. It’s better to plan the move around the middle of the month since apartment leases usually have month-end dates. Also, being flexible with move-in times can let the company combine shipments.

In essence, saving on moving costs entails doing the things that you can do yourself and asking for help when needed.

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