Myths in Moving and Hiring Moving Companies

Planning to move out? Homeowners should be aware of these common misconceptions when making a move and in hiring moving companies.

It’s Okay to Keep Secrets…

From the moving company that is. A homeowner may neglect to tell the company essential things such as the non-presence of elevators in the new home. Though movers may be resourceful, expect additional charges when the bill comes.

My Insurance will Cover Everything

Things could go wrong during a move. Homeowners or renters have to know which household items are not be covered by the insurance policy. Thus, necessary precautions should be taken to protect their things.

I Do NOT Need Moving Help

Think about it. Moving does not entail simply throwing things inside a truck. A lot of things have to get done like packing items securely, loading them into a truck and driving to the new home. Doing the move alone may be costlier and harder. So unless the only furniture is a lampshade and a few bedsheets, hiring a good company is still advisable.

The Movers will Take Care of Everything

Movers do what they’re hired to do. They’re not there to do the stuff the homeowner needs to do for himself. A move entails a plan, and a homeowner should take careful note of the moving help he will need, how he will get things done, all the things that have to be secured, etc. etc. A checklist will help a lot in this department.

Moving is Cheap

Moving a considerable distance or to a bigger home may cost thousands of dollars. Getting an in-house moving quote from the company is necessary. Also add a little room for unforeseen expenses in the moving budget. Travel expenses, insurance and temporary living expenses should be taken into account.

Remember these myths; use a lot of common sense when getting a moving service; and in all probability, moving to a new home will become less complicated.

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