Moving Services on a Drought

The US Census Bureau recently released date revealing that majority of Americans is not moving anymore. There has been a decline in moves from one house to another. This has injured moving services badly, and is barely getting profits from eviction moves.

According to the data, 12 percent of Americans, or around 35.2 million people, moved from one house to another. This is 11 percent lower than last year’s data. Experts say that the reason for this can be that people are waiting and staying in their houses until the financial crisis is over. They would not want to risk the little money that they have. So instead of moving, they instead stay in their houses.

Another reason is that people can be seeing that the possibility of selling their property at a very good price is very slim. With the housing industry in deep mud, there is much risk in dealing with selling a house and moving to another one. This is strengthened by the data that most Americans who moved are actually renters, and not homeowners.

This downturn in moving has not only affected moving companies, but other kinds of jobs as well. Typically, a moving family would hire people to clean up and fix the house that they would leave. But without families moving, painters, cleaners, and other service providers do not have a lot of jobs waiting for them. Also, this injures the sales of new appliances and other items needed for a new house.

But most importantly, the stagnation in the moves across the whole country has damaged moving services the worst. A lot of moving services have been cutting down on manpower, since they do not get as much moving services as before.

However, two reasons seem to stand out why less and less families have been staying where they are. First, unlike before, both the husband and the wife work for the family now. This makes moving a little more difficult, since two jobs should be considered. Another reason is telecommuting and the Internet. A lot of companies hire people from far places without having the need to assign them to be in the office. Because of the Internet and other communication tools, people do not have to move closer to the job.

Moving services and companies are hoping for a fast recovery of the economy so that their performance in the market would improve. However, with the other reasons mentioned earlier, it seems that more families can be expected to stay in their houses.

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