Relocation Companies Expect Improved Business in San Diego

Increased activities are being seen among relocation companies in San Diego, California. As the city’s economy improves, more households are moving and more businesses are hiring employees, particularly in biotechnology and high technology sectors. These developments result in increased demand for moving firms’ services.

The American Association of Moving and Storage has reported that household relocations rose in April 2010 for the first time in two years. The increase is less than ten percent, but relocation businesses are still happy with the upward trend and are predicting that higher increases will be recorded in the sector in the coming months.

Local companies that offer relocation services reveal that corporate clients account for majority of the contracts they handled during April. The highest percentage of moving activities are recorded in the biotechnology and high technology industries, with companies in these two sectors either moving in to San Diego or moving to another location, including overseas headquarters. One local operator reported handling 90 corporate relocations during the month; almost double of the activities handled in the same month of the previous year.

On top of corporate and household moves, relocation companies are also benefiting from military moves. A steady stream of military supplies and personnel coming home or being sent to assignments also offer moving companies huge opportunities to increase their bottom lines. Students seeking residences in the city also add to relocation activities.

However, moving companies have reported that half of relocation activities are out of San Diego, with some people who have lost their jobs seeking better opportunities outside the city or in other states. They also reported that the cost of moving poses difficulties on some households, with many of them selling part of their belongings to have more money for the service and to lower baggage costs.

Households are also taking advantage of the school break. With most kids home for the break, families are taking the opportunity to complete their long-planned relocations. Despite the high moving activities, households still face the usual challenges; like finding jobs at a new place and selling properties they left behind.

San Diego real estate analysts have claimed that the city’s economy is recovering faster than other big city areas, making it an ideal destination for households and workers who are relocating. This trend is expected to further improve the status of relocation companies in the coming months.

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