Real Estate Brokerage Firm Doubles As Relocation Company

In-House Realty, a referral and brokerage real estate firm, maintains a strong presence in the real estate business by also operating as a relocation company and by offering various services that every home buyer and seller would need. The company, which was established in 2006, started with only three workers and expanded within a few years, with the firm having a total of 60 employees at present.

The firm is planning to relocate to Detroit, Michigan in August to better handle its expanding business. Officials are expecting employees to grow to as much as 100 by 2011 as the firm tries to secure more brokerage licenses in various areas of the U.S. on top of the states where it is already operating. These states include Texas, Florida and Michigan.

The projected expansion will bring more referral fees to the company as it refers more clients to partner brokers. In-House is also planning to improve its online presence and allows people to better understand the nature of real estate which has been quite confusing following the foreclosure crisis and the onslaught of short sales.

Among the many services offered by the brokerage are mortgage approvals through its Quicken connection, credit reports and scores and services typically offered by a relocation company, such as relocation van rentals, auto and homeowners insurance and utility changeovers. It is also known for providing home purchasers title insurance, home security services and reverse loan mortgages.

According to company officials, the business model adopted by In-House effectively provides a real estate client with a one-top shop type of service. This makes it easier for them to handle real estate deals and at the same time, allows the company to generate more clients and profits for its affiliates. The firm is reportedly planning to acquire broker licenses in ten states by the end of 2010.

Officials from the broker and referral firm also denied certain assumptions that an expansion can hurt the company's operations since it would put them in competition with real property brokers who serve as their sources of referral fees. Executives have said that the diversity of the business, including being a part-time relocation company, will ensure that the firm will continue to thrive in expanded markets.

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