May Is National Moving Companies Month in U.S.

The month of May has been declared as National Moving Month by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), the trade organization that represents national moving companies in the U.S. The declaration recognizes the efforts exerted by industry members to help households all around the country, reports have revealed.

According to AMSA, May is usually the period when American households start their plans to pack some of their things and move them to another place. The organization estimates that around 35 million households in the country usually complete their arrangements to relocate to another place during this month since children will be on their summer vacations by this time. That is why service and product suppliers involved in the relocation business also recognize May as the moving season month in the country. May is also in between Labor Day and Cinco de Mayo, holidays that allow most workers to stay in their homes.

The observation from suppliers is supported by several consumer groups, including the Council of Better Business Bureaus. These groups report that May is when the number of relocation activities rise in the country. Relocation usually starts among U.S. households during the spring season. Authorities have warned though, that this is also the time when fraudulent activities in the industry become quite common.

They warn families who plan on relocating not to trust anonymous national moving companies that advertise their wares in the Internet unless they have thoroughly checked these companies’ backgrounds. According to state and federal officials, not a lot of people relocate frequently, so they are mostly unfamiliar with the criteria that should be used when choosing a moving service firm. This tempts them to use the Internet, a very accessible and easy-to-use tool, to find a moving service firm.

AMSA and other legitimate industry members warn households not to base their choice merely on service price quotes. The products and services of each company they are considering should be examined thoroughly before making a final decision. Lists of factors that should be considered in choosing the right moving company are available at legitimate industry members’ websites to help households avoid getting duped by fake moving service businesses.

Stories of relocating families that have been victimized by fraudulent moving services firms are quite common during the month of May. Some families reportedly lost their household valuables to these companies or suffer damages to their priced possessions. Others have recounted experiences of having their household supplies held hostage by unlicensed movers who kept holding out for higher fees. Majority of these fraudulent activities, industry members have reported, are illegal transport companies that advertise their wares in unregulated portals in the Internet.

Legitimate moving industry businesses remind households to plan for their relocation early on and to develop a plan on when to move and which household supplies to move. This will ease some of the stress of relocation and will also give them ample time to find a legitimate moving firm. They also suggest making calls to local authorities to check the legitimacy of national moving companies that they have on their short lists.

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