How to Avoid Dealing with Moving Companies of Ill-Repute

With the many moving companies in the industry, it is not a secret that some of them have been engaged in unethical practices. Consumers, of course, suffer most for such deeds with some considering their experience traumatic and really stressful.

In light of this, the moving industry has rallied to rid itself of movers who take advantage of unsuspecting clients. Consumers can now find helpful tips and suggestions from reliable companies online and use the information so that they will be able to avoid dealing with disreputable movers.

Since moving can be quite overwhelming for most people, finding the right provider (and spotting the wrong one) among the many moving companies is very important. Aside from protecting your belongings, you also avoid wasting your time and money.

Consider the following pointers:

  • Although there are online tools available from movers’ websites to give you a cost estimate, it is still better to have a representative visit you and give you an on-site calculation of the moving cost. Not only will this be accurate but you can also discuss with the agent the other ways to cut your expenses.
  • To make sure that you are dealing with a real moving company, you need to have their complete address and if necessary, pay their office a visit. This way, you can establish their legitimacy.
  • Use a mover which has been referred by one of your friends, neighbors or family member. Another good source is your real estate broker or agent. But before you hire one, make sure you still interview them and check their websites for negative ratings or feedbacks.
  • Know how to recognize fraud by taking note of red flags such as unbelievably low rates, hidden fees, questionable work ethics, unprofessional behavior and many others.
  • It would be more cost-efficient if you choose a company that bases their fees on weight instead of cubic feet.
  • To get an idea of how reasonable a rate is, be sure to compare estimates from at least three of the top moving companies in your list. Of course, the price should not only be the consideration. You should also check the services that come with the rate.

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