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Moving with Pets Requires Special Care

Moving with petsYour home is often your pet's entire world, so when you are moving with pets you need to ensure that the move is as un-stressful as possible. Unfortunately, there is no way to explain to your pet that you are moving and no way to explain what the moving process will entail. This must make it all the more confusing for your pet. Your pet's place of residence, favorite furniture and familiar surroundings will all be changed. When moving with pets that are mostly kept indoors, especially, you need to tread carefully to keep your pet comfortable.

Before You Call the Movers

Before You Call the MoversMoving companies suggest that well in advance of your move, you should take your pets to the vet and get moving advice and your pet's medical history to bring along to your new destination. Make sure that your pet's vaccinations are all up to date and that you have documentation to prove this. If you are traveling to a new state, contact your destination's State Department of Animal Husbandry or state veterinatrian to learn about laws concerning the entry of animals. You want to ensure that you have all the information you need to transport your pet safely and legally.

In the days before your move, when moving services are arriving at your door and moving activities are reaching a fever pitch, consider boarding your pets. Your pets may not apprciate the noise and may inadvertanly create problems for the movers. In the days leading up to your move, you will also want to watch for signs of stress in your pets so that you can seek medical advice from a vet, if necessary.

During Your Move

Make sure that your pet has the right identification and any needed license tags. These items will ensure that your pet does not get lost. During your move, always have your rabies vaccination certificate and your pet's health certificate with you. The health certificate must be signed by a vet and proves that your pet is in good condition. The rabies certificate states confirms that your pet was vaccinated and details where and when the vaccination took place.

After Your Move

After Your MoveMoving with pets can be challenging, but once you are at your destination, you will want to ensure that your pets have the support they need to adjust to their new environment. Do not allow pets to roam free in their new location until they get used to your new home. After going through the process of moving with pets, you do not want your pets to get lost. Advertising

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