Moving Companies: 3 Types to Choose From

There are at least 3 types of moving services in terms of the level of service they are offering. Know what each of these types of moving offer so that you would know which fit your budget and your plans.

The first type is full-service moving. Full-service moving companies are for families that do not have the time to sort out and pack things and do other tasks involved in moving home. Full-service moving services are often the best moving companies for people who need the best moving help they can get. These moving companies do all the tasks needed in moving home, such as packing things, loading things to moving trucks, driving the trucks and unloading things.

Most full-service moving companies also insure your expensive equipment against damage and loss during the move. This type is the most expensive of the 3 types of moving services, but if you choose well, the cost is worth the stress, fatigue and effort you have been freed from.

The second type is self-service moving. The use of self-service moving companies reduces your moving costs significantly because you are doing much of the moving tasks. You do the sorting, packing, loading and unloading and other related tasks. What the moving service do is only to provide you with the moving trucks and the truck driver.

This type gives you more control over what things should be packed together, which should be put in storage and which things should be left behind to charities.

The last type is do-it-yourself moving. Moving van rental firms and moving truck companies are grouped under this type of moving companies. What they provide is only the moving equipment. You do everything, from packing, loading, driving and to unloading. If you are not pressed for time, this is the best option for you. You will save a lot from your moving expenses. At the same time, you have control over what needs to be done.

Having chosen the type of moving service that you need, the next thing to do is to choose the best moving company within your budget. Consider the company’s license to operate in the moving industry, prices for services, types of vans or trucks offered, packing equipment and materials, insurance offered and performance in the industry.

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