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Smart Packing

If you are planning to do most or all of the packing yourself, make sure that you organize everything and have plenty of time for self service moving. By doing so, packing will not have to be a hassle. Here are some packing tips moving people should remember.

Planned Packing

  • Select what items stay and what items go ahead of time. Pack the things you are not going to need. List items while packing.
  • Estimate the things that you will need and find out if you have as much as is necessary. Prepare moving boxes by collecting boxes from friends or buying packing kits.

Organized Packing

  • Label boxes to indicate the contents, where it will go in the new house and other special instructions. This will help moving movers put the boxes in their right places and know which ones are delicate. You may also keep a list of items inside boxes to easily find what you are looking for.
  • To help you identify missing boxes if any, make an inventory list.

Safe Packing

  • Labels should guide moving movers on how to deal with the load.
  • Fragile items should be wrapped in clothes, towel or other fabric materials. Make sure that you mark them as well. This will instruct moving movers to keep these delicate items safe.
  • For better protection of your items, use smaller, robust boxes for weighty items and label all boxes properly. Use bubble wrap and packing paper to secure delicate items.
  • Gather stray items together and tape them for easy carrying and storing.
  • For moving furniture, be sure that all disassembled parts and small pieces are taped to the furniture itself. Use self-locking plastic bags for small pieces of the furniture such as screws, bolts and other small parts.
  • Use protective padding on furniture and large appliances. You can rent furniture padding from moving companies.
  • Be sure moving boxes are not too weighty to manage. Stack the boxes accordingly. Place heavy boxes on the bottom and lightweight or those containing fragile items on top. Mark overweight boxes if any to avoid injuries during the move.

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