Resolutions or Jus’ Joking?

New Year resolutions. Now what are they? It has always hit me before, as to the meaning behind these. I mean, people follow them for a couple of weeks, and bam! Out it goes through the window. This time around, I was literally forced to take a resolution. ‘Take a resolution or I won’t talk with you!’ emotional blackmail from my girlfriend. She was a staunch believer in these bullshit ideas and I was to be yours faithful to her following what she thought was good for us. ‘I just don’t see the point! Why take one, when I bloody well know I am not going to follow it!’ I argued. My words had left her blank. Hence, moving into damage control mode, I took one instantaneously. ‘I will not hire the moving services when I move into my new home this year!’ My girlfriend was delighted on hearing this. She hugged me and reassured me, that it was one resolution that I would honor, come what may.

The time in the year had come for the moment of truth. I switched off my cell phone, to avoid her calls. But, nevertheless, she turned up at my door to see me move ‘all by me’. There was a pamphlet of Miami movers lying on the coffee table in my living room. She picked it up, tore it into bits and pieces and dumped them in the bin. I was helpless, I had no prior experience of moving. All I knew about moving was from seeing my uncle move once. You needed cardboard boxes. But, I had crates instead. Empty beer crates! Looking at my dismal efforts to move, I bent low on my knees and pleaded to her, a second time now, as the first was when I proposed to her. She laughed, picked up the phone and threw it to me! Screw resolutions!

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