Moving Home Anxieties and How to Deal With Them

Results of a study designed to determine the level of stress that moving house caused on people showed that 52 percent of respondents have experienced a high level of anxiety. About half of these respondents said that they have experienced very high level of stress. Only 19 percent of them claimed that their level of stress was low.

Some of the potential sources of stress that homeowners feel about moving home are:

  • Concern of being deceived by moving companies – Some fraudulent companies offering moving services increased the price that they have quoted after they take hold of your belongings. And they refused to release these belongings until you pay the amount that they want. You should avoid taking a price quote over the Internet or the telephone because if movers cannot see the belongings that are about to be moved, how can they give a legitimate and reasonable moving quote.
  • Concern over the amount of work involved – Develop a plan and adhere to a strict schedule. Establish a room solely for keeping boxes and packing things.
  • Concern of damaging belongings – If you are concerned over letting movers handle fragile items, moved them personally yourself or ask movers to be very careful about moving these items.
  • Fear of adjusting – Before moving in, you and your family tour your new neighborhood first for familiarization. Visualize starting an exciting and happy life in your new place.
  • Concern that your children will hate you for uprooting them – Involved your children in the planning and moving process. Update them weekly on the preparations for moving.
  • Concern over the changes – The idea that you have to change your address, automobile and homeowner’s policy and sign up for new utilities can be daunting. However most of these tasks can now be done over the Internet. Set aside a day for doing all these changes.

Moving home can be exhilarating and stressful at the same time. But in the end, it is a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

2 Responses to “Moving Home Anxieties and How to Deal With Them”

  1. Bob Says:

    I had similar concerns with my recent move, particularly with the fragile and precious items I own. I figured my best bet was to pack boxes myself, leaving me to figure out where to get boxes from. Just when I was about to lose my mind from unsuccessfully trying to get boxes that were in good shape from grocery stores, I found Jen Mecca’s pottery blog pointing me to I got a moving kit that had everything I needed to pack and be ready for the big move, it was cheaper than going to Uhaul, and they shipped the boxes to me for free. That was huge in lowering my stress level. Hope you guys can benefit from my experience!

  2. Cassiano Travareli Says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It is really hard to find a good Moving Company.

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