Moving and Me.

My title is a true story. It’s a tragic beginning but ends on a happy note. I firmly believed, moving was nothing more than dumping goodies onto a large truck, driving it to your new location, and unloading. Little did I realize that this applied to only construction site raw materials! Hence, when I had my shot at moving my home to another spot in Denver, these thoughts ran through my mind. It seemed as easy as scooping ice cream from its tub. But, it wasn’t. Things took a turn for the worse, when I dropped my crystal vase. I hate seeing stuff getting smashed into smithereens, especially when you see that it all contained a tiny bit of your income! Neighbors, friends, couple of guys walking down the street, all of them tried their expert advice and efforts at guiding me shift. But, in vain. I looked up the directory for movers in Denver. Mover this, Mover that… Some phone numbers were obsolete as I hung the call on a wrong number. This was getting hectic. I needed a break. I slipped in front of my PC and browsed for some ideas on moving.

Guidelines, tips, blogs on moving, songs which one could sing while moving as thought it was a voyage etc etc. Nothing seemed to comfort me. Suddenly, it struck me like never before. Movie ticketing had gone online, travel bookings, holiday planning, hotel reservations etc etc, everything, every service had been made available for booking by the common man. Why not Movers in Denver as well? I browsed towards my idea and there it was, a list of moving companies in Denver, with online booking facility. No prizes for guessing what happened next. Moving and Me are close pals now, not to forget the catalysts who made this happen, the internet and the moving companies in Denver!

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