Moving Services and House Sizes

You may have experienced finding yourself in a house that has a lot of things inside. These things may be some that you use, but more often than not, you see things that you have not really used yet. Moving services have been observing this, that more and more households have been getting a lot of items in their houses.

After the Second World War, people were able to regain the freedom and the ability to buy the things that they want. This was due to the advancement of technology and the marketing strategies. With this, the economy shifted from a manufacturing-focused one, to a service-driven one. This change that affected the whole society has caused people to accumulate a lot of unused items in large houses. In fact, since the 1950’s, an average US house has doubles in terms of size. Moving companies have sent families from smaller houses to larger ones.

Once families have filled up their houses, they would go out to rent additional space in the warehouses of moving companies to store up their toys and other excess possessions. Then, the goal of an average American company was to be able to live in a four-bedroom house that has a two-car garage and is equipped with media link in all rooms.

According to Robert H. Frank, a Cornell University management and economics professor, the continuous increase of big houses is driven by the context and the lifestyle of a household, and not of greed alone. This means that even a modest house in the US can be considered large in Africa. This affects and shifts the whole mind frame of a household or a family.

For instance, if you aim to send your child to the best school in your district but find that the houses there are big and really expensive, then you adjust according to that. You shift your mind frame and choose between getting a large house and enduring the long commute. In the end, more Americans would opt to get a moving service to move to a large house, since this can also mean a better neighborhood and less hassle.

To summarize, getting a large house and getting more and more items is more than keeping up with the Joneses. There is much more to it, and families are continually seeing the advantages of living according to the context dictated by their neighborhood. Moving services in different areas are also continuously observing this and seeing these changes in the lifestyles and houses of Americans all throughout the country.

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