I never knew that shifting was so tough

Working in the capacity of the chief executive of a leading multinational company has its benefits. I was blessed to have such a job that paid for my house and also for my gardener and chauffeur. The only downside to it was that I had to change homes on a frequent basis. Till now there were no problems for me and I never even knew what moving services were all about. I was a happy go lucky bachelor and my home contained but the barest necessities of life. The fact is that I have shifted homes nearly 6 times and on each occasion the trailer car (provided to me by the company) was more than sufficient to haul my belongings from one city to the other.

A couple of months ago I got married. I knew that the girl I was marrying was methodical, but I never knew that being methodical meant having so many pieces of furniture in the house. My inflating bed was relegated to one corner of the attic and it was replaced by a huge double bed. My better half seems to have a fascination for furniture. Before I knew of it, every room was outfitted with new furniture and a couple of cupboards were also installed. I guess I better check out that paper where I had noticed the details of the moving company. If I know my boss well enough, it will not be long before I have to shift to another abode. This time my trailer shall not be adequate for our shifting purposes. I have no other option that to request the services of some local moving services.

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