How moving services saved my day

The fault was not of my making. I had promised my boss that I would join the new office located in a different city from the first of next month. That deadline was looming closer and I just had a week more of spare time before I had to report at the new office. Initially I had thought that moving household goods from one location to another was quite simple. All I required were some helping hands that would pick up my goods on a hired van. It was not as easy as I found out to my dismay. However, a friend of mine suggested that I try out a moving company. They were the correct persons for the job and that they would be able to do it within my time schedule.

Keeping these things in mind, I checked out the local yellow pages and noted down the details of a few home movers. They all assured me that they would be able to shift my goods to my new abode in another city in just 4 days. I finally entrusted my job to them and took out the next flight to the other city. I had hardly settled myself when the bell rang. It was the 3rd afternoon since I had arrived at the new city. A surprise greeted me when I opened the door. The folks of the moving company had arrived. They had assured me that they would shift my goods in 4 days, but they actually managed to complete the task in just 3.

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