Free Moving Services?

A lot of moving services market themselves by saying that they offer free estimates. Some people fall into this and immediately get their service. Do not get duped. Most of the time, the costs that they say are free are in fact included in the price you would pay after you move.

If you go online, search for free estimates, and fill in your information, expect to be called after a few days and pestered by these moving companies trying to lure you into getting them for your move. Although this may help you in looking for a moving company, as a consumer, you would not have as much control with your information as you need to have. Once you start calling calls, how do you know if the person contacting you is part of a legitimate business?

It is best to research well about your options for your moving service. Although this may take a lot of your time, it would be well worth it. And though false moving services use the Internet to deceive consumers, licensed movers can also be found in the Internet. To confirm if a moving service is real and legitimate, you can check if it has an actual address. Take a drive to the address and see if the moving company has an actual physical office.

There are also some forums online wherein consumers discuss their bills and if the items charged to them are legal or not. These charges may include paper pads, masking tapes, inflated new cartons, additional accessorial handling fees, charges for truck space and doubtful processing costs.

Even when these charges may not necessarily be illegal, they are still onerous to the customers who are given a final bill with outrageously high costs. A lot of homeowners have fallen as victims of these moving services that seem to charge for everything excessively.

For you to be able to avoid such scams and false charges from moving companies, make sure that you gather all the necessary information before you choose a moving company. Do not consider only those that offer free services. you can contact the moving companies themselves and inquire of what good deal they can give you.

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