Beware of Fake Moving Services

Moving services abound everywhere. There is one for every family, with a specific need and budget. If you are moving soon, you may have seen this to be true as you have looked through the Internet or observed in the outside world such as your town.

However, with the wide choices of moving companies, one can never be sure. There are some who just pretend to be moving services, but in reality are people who just want to get your money and take advantage of you.

For you to be able to distinguish true movers from fake ones, you have to be aware of the strategies and tactics of people who just want to take advantage of you. You might end up paying so much more that what you signed up for. Worse, you might end up losing a lot of your money to nothing. For you to be able to use your money well and get the best service from a moving company; here are some signs that the moving service is not trustworthy:

  • Failure to provide a copy of your rights and responsibilities. A law-abiding company should be clear about the rights and responsibilities of their customers. For movers, they should be able to give you a booklet entitled “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.: this includes guidelines and instructions about how to deal with lost items or damaged goods during your move.
  • Large deposit. Movers who require unusually large deposits can be potentially dangerous.
  • Requirement to pay in cash. Just like movers who require to pay in large deposits, moving companies that ask their customers to pay in cash are dangerous ones.
  • Lack of an address and other necessary information. A sure sign of the legality of a moving service is the existence of an actual physical office. Also, a credible moving service has information in the Internet which may include an official company website, mention of its name in different forums, and much information.
  • Overcharging. The estimate that a moving service should give you must give you peace of mind and clarity, rather than confusion.
  • Lack of licenses and other important documents.
  • Giving an estimate without having seen the house and the number and nature of the items to be moved.

For you to be sure of the provider of moving services, go beyond your means. Go out of your comfort zone to research and find the necessary information about the moving service.

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