Shifting Over to a New City

This was the day I was looking forward for a long, long time. I had been working honestly and dedicatedly in the organization for a long period of time and my quality of work had caught the eye of the boss. My long overdue promotion was finally granted and I was eagerly looking forward to that day when my pay scale would be increased and I would finally have a cabin of my home. However, there were few things that I did not foresee. A few days before my promotion by boss handed me over a key. On being queried about the same he replied that it was the key to my new flat in a different part of the city. I guess I should contact the personnel of the moving company post haste.

Take my word for it! Shifting from one place to the other, even in the same city, is as tough as moving from one city to the other. All the goods in the home have to be sorted out in separate lots… according to their importance and frequency of use… and then packed in different boxes. There will be a pain unpacking the boxes at the new address unless there is a proper list of all the items and in which box they are packed into. To be frank I hardly had the time to do so. I could also not expect my spouse and kids to pack the heavy stuff. Thankfully, there are a number of moving services available who will undertake the task for me. Since they are thorough professionals I need not worry about my goods. They will be rearranged in my new home just as I want them to.

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