Relocation Companies – Good Sources of U.S. Migration Data

Relocation companies have become good sources of migration data in the country. Over the years, the largest moving companies have been releasing reports on their relocation activities and the top relocation destinations for moving families. Looking at their reports would give ideas on the most popular destinations for families planning to move.

According to the 2009 relocation report published by Mayflower Transit, which has been moving families for over 80 years, the top 5 states which experienced huge increases in inbound moves in the first 8 months of this year were West Virginia, Rhode Island, North Dakota, Kansas and Montana.

The highest increases in inbound moves occurred in West Virginia, where inbound moves rose by nearly 11 percent, and Rhode Island, where inbound moves increases by nearly 9 percent. The highest percentages of inbound moves compared to total moves occurred in West Virginia, which had more than 65 percent, and Montana, which had nearly 63 percent.

In contrast, the top 5 states with the highest increases in outbound moves were Minnesota, Washington, Utah, Mississippi and Nevada.

The highest increases in outbound moves occurred in Minnesota and in Washington while the highest percentages of outbound moves occurred in Mississippi and in Minnesota.

Relocation companies also asked their customers the major reasons for their moves. The Mayflower Transit study found that 37 percent moved because of new jobs, nearly 27 percent were retirement-related moves and more than 20 percent were for health and personal reasons.

Mayflower also found that around 44 percent have moved only once over the past 5 years while nearly 20 percent have relocated twice and more than 27 percent have moved 3 or more times.

Meanwhile, in the 41st relocation report released by Allied Van Lines this year, the top destinations for moving families in 2008 were Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado and Oregon.

According to Allied analysts, more people chose Texas because of its low tax rates, employment opportunities and affordable housing. Texas has been topping the relocation report since 2005, with San Antonio and Hill Country as the top destination areas in the state.

Conversely, the top three states with more outbound moves than inbound moves in 2008 were Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In Michigan, the unemployment rate soared after auto companies suffered huge losses and closed many of their plants.

With these relocation figures from the country’s largest relocation companies, state policy makers can analyze why residents are moving out and make needed reforms.

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