One of California’s Relocation Moving Companies Is Set to Move

The housing market crisis has definitely impacted relocation moving companies in California, but one firm that is not being intimidated by the declining condition of the residential property industry is Hemsted's Moving and Storage.

The firm has an escrow for a building purchase at East Lake Boulevard in Redding. The company is planning to expand and move its headquarters from Banigan Road to a 25,000-square foot East Lake premise. Hemsted's has been based in Banigan for almost 10 years. According to the owners of the firm, the moving services industry has been affected by the housing crisis, with less people purchasing houses and even fewer households relocating or moving to new homes.

Despite the general poor condition of the country, Hemsted's is not stopping its plans for expansion. The plan of the firm to relocate has already been approved by the Redding Board of Administrative Review. The company is aiming for a move to its new home in fall. Owners of the firm have stated that the relocation is part of their plan to centralize their operations. They further reveal that the new location presents more opportunities since it is easier for potential customers to find.

A big number of relocation moving companies in the state have lost profits or folded due to the recession and the housing market problem, but Hemsted's reveals that expansion is not impossible even at this time. The owners have stated that they are planning to transform the company into a one-stop shopping service business in an effort to make it more competitive.

Long term plans for the company also include opening a Penske franchise where customers can take care of their own relocation concerns with the help of moving trucks for rent from the firm. The plan is expected to suit the preferences of some customers who want to save money by renting a vehicle and moving their belongings themselves instead of getting the help of a full-service moving company.

Some operators of relocation moving companies in California have admitted that more people are now opting to hire trucks and take care of the relocation themselves since this is cheaper than hiring a full-service relocation company.

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