Moving Companies see Changes

Eviction moving companies have been experiencing a lot of changes in how people are dealing with eviction. Emanuel Rasper, an eviction mover that has been in the business for over 30 years, recently experienced harsh treatment from a house occupant. When he went to Walter Rosengarth’s house in Chester County, he was treated badly. According to Rasper, when he arrived in Rosengarth’s place, he was immediately blocked and Rosengarth even barricaded himself inside his house.

Unlike his previous experiences in providing moving services, Rasper realized that times have already changed. According to him, when the sheriff’s deputy came to the scene, he even advised that Rosengarth may have a gun and might end up hurting people. He was then told to stay far from the scene. True enough, Rosengarth in fact had a gun, and ended up wounding two deputies. He was recently convicted to serve 18 to 36 years in jail.

A lot of eviction moving services arrive at abandoned houses with some other items left in the house. They actually offer assistance to evictees, shouldered by the mortgage holder. However, it still stands that eviction is one of the most hurtful experiences a family has to go through.

A lot stories exchanged by eviction moving companies are a picture of lost dreams and hopes. Based on their anecdotes, it seems that families who have decent jobs and stable sources of income became victims of the crisis that is currently eating the housing and real estate industry. A family can be in a house that requires a $600 home mortgage a month, and tomorrow can be surprised with a $2,000 requirement for them to stay in their house.

According to Alan Jenkins, A Pioneer Moving Company’s general manager, the recession took its toll on homeowners, moving services like them were the ones who witness these problems. Because of foreclosures, there have been more evictions than moves, and this has been hurting them badly. They have seen their company shrink from an eight-man office staff to a three-person team.

Moreover, dealing with an eviction is more difficult than handling moves. He says that eviction moves have been giving them headaches. There are unclaimed items in their warehouse, giving them unnecessary items that would just add up to their problems. He says that instead of doing their job as a moving company, they have been picking up junk left by evicted families.

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