Movies and Las Vegas

Las Vegas is considered a hot spot for filming, by movie moguls. I know that this blog post, might sound as absurd as it reads, because it is being written by one who has never been to Vegas. The best I know about the place, is what I have seen from movies like ‘The Hangover, What Happens in Vegas, Fear and Loathing in Vegas, Looney Tunes: Back in Action and so on’. Guess being a movie buff does pay off once in a while, as you get to see more of place, which you long to visit, through films.

Las Vegas has been the personification of high life, according to all those movies. It is a place, to which every person longs to move into. Ask the movers and they will tell you this. Hey, don’t panic. There are moving companies in Las Vegas too! So, if at all, you save enough to live life, to its fullest, and have fun all day, every day, make sure you move into Las Vegas. However, coming back to the point, these movies have portrayed Vegas in a fairytale manner. Of course, there are movies such as 21, where people get screwed up at this paradise. But, hey, it happens in real life as well. The point I want to make here is, Vegas has become the hotspot of the entire world, for getting high on life, and non- stop party action, replacing Alps, Hawaii and those other exotic destinations, as the most desirous vacation of many around the world. Least do these people know, they stand to lose more than make a quick buck, at the world renowned casinos of Vegas. But, I guess the experience is a wholesome one, and losing money is a part and parcel of this place. Damn! It sounds friggin’ cool! I will make it there one day!

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