Killing time

Killing time on a holiday may become a tedious process. Especially, when you are bored, have nothing to do, no friends around, and above all, no electricity at home. It was one of those days, where there was a routine maintenance check on the cables. Hence, we were informed in advance about the proposed power cut at home for a grueling time of 8 hours. It wasn’t that hard without the air conditioning, as it was winter. However, no power meant, no Xbox, no TV, no iPod as well, as mine was running low on battery. It wasn’t going to last more than a couple of tracks.

I came out to my house balcony. Ah! A sight to watch, a nice way to kill time. I ran inside and got out my high zoom Binoculars. The neighbors were moving. A truck with the peculiar name stood at their porch. It was probably owned by the moving company. Boxes after boxes were rolled out of the house and stacked into the truck. As I kept zooming in, someone came closer to me from the neighbors. It was the neighborhood chick (pardon my language, but she was one!). ‘Uh. Mm… Could you give us a hand with the piano?’. She looked great. What would any guy possibly do here? I did the inevitable. Dropped my binoculars, jumped over my balcony and went across the street to her house. I was looking for at least 4 people, as it happened to be a big one. But, found only 1 puny guy across the other end of the piano. ‘Ready?’ he smiled. I nodded and puffed all my breath out while lifting my end of it. A few minutes later, it was inside the truck, and I had a twisted backbone. ‘Thanks! That was sweet of you.’ That’s all I got. Movers and their lame tricks!

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