How I got my base moved in a jiffy.

Deadlines are indeed necessary. But when they get dangerously close, it looks like a monster waiting to gobble up your pride and dignity, to portray you as this procrastinator who loved watching his new boss, blow his head off over the non-arrival of you on the joining date. My story seemed a lot similar to what many had experienced. My company had shifted my base to a different part of Austin and all I had to get my hands at work in the new office was 3 days. I took to these three days with warm casualty as I took off on a 2 day trip with friends. Now, all I had was 1 day to get my entire life shifted to a new place.

Furthermore, only 1 day to meet my new boss who had a pile of files waiting to be dumped at my desk. I got back from the trip just in time to watch the ball game at the stadium. Boy, what a game it was!

Time flies by when you have fun, It comes to a grinding halt when the funs over and serious talk begins. Now, it was such a time. I had hardly half a day to move into my newly allotted room. All I required were movers in Austin. But, hey, I had never used a mover before. Well, considering my character, I decided to log into some sites to find out about moving services, and guess what, moving companies in Austin actually offered online booking for hiring their services. All I needed to do was, sit back, enjoy a cup of cappuccino and key in my details, and time of moving. Some companies also had express moving plans which cost a tad higher, but for guys in situations like this one, fit the bill, and got us out of the rut. It really helps to use these services online. Now, I hardly worry about moving.

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