Houston Resident Warns Households About Relocation Company

A family from Houston, Texas has issued a warning to other households who are planning to acquire the services of moving companies in the area. The family reported that a relocation company charged them $5,000 for moving their belongings a few blocks from their original residence.

According to Houston resident Van Tran, she saw the company Miracle Movers from Craigslist when she was perusing for a moving service firm that will move her parents' belongings to another location. She said that the advertisement stated that a truck and two men will be provided for an hourly price of $34.95. However, Tran revealed that when she signed the contract, she was left with only two choices – either pay a very high fee or take the chance of having the firm confiscates her parents' things.

Tran revealed that the contract had provisions inserted in the small print, such as an additional $80 fee for wrapping items in plastic. She said the firm wrapped all her parents' belongings, including things that she did not tell the company to wrap. All of these were then put in a Budget truck.

The relocation company allegedly refused to unload the belongings until they paid $5,000. Tran called the police but was told that there was nothing they could do since she signed the contract. She negotiated and the firm allowed her to pay $1,000 and to give the movers a laptop and a washing and drying machine. Tran stated that she was not angry that she and her family had to pay $1,000, but was upset because she felt robbed, with the police not being able to do anything about it.

Tran revealed that some of the furniture were damaged during the relocation and that the owner of the firm cannot be contacted after the job was finished. She stated that she initially talked with the owner of the firm himself who told her that he was from Washington. After the relocation, Tran tried to contact the owner but she said her calls just went to voicemail.

Tran and her family have warned other Houston households to be careful when hiring a relocation company. She advised families to check the fine print and to check the legitimacy of the company first before signing anything.

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