Tips on Packing and Dealing with Moving Companies

Moving home is not a walk in the park. Sometimes the planning and preparations can take a toll on a homeowner’s health. There are numerous packing to do and you have to find moving companies that can transfer your belongings securely and safely.
The following are tips on how to pack and find moving companies to reduce the stress of moving home:

  • Start packing early. Since packing can take up most of your time when transferring to a new house, you should start doing it early so you will not feel harass. Because you have plenty of time, you can organize your things properly and pack them securely. Develop a packing schedule for each room and set a deadline.
  • Find a good moving company. You can do this by comparing moving quotes and the quality of service they provide. After finding a moving service, ask for an advice about packing. Good moving companies have lots of experiences with packing. You can ask them about packing materials, moving timelines and other pertinent information on moving.
  • Reduce your clutter. Transferring to a new house is the best time for you to sort through your belongings and discard or give away items that you do not need anymore. It will be easier and faster for you to pack if you have already sorted your things and set aside those that you will not bring to your new home.
  • Proper disposal of hazardous materials. Some hazardous materials that should not be packed are motor oil, pain, solvents and fireworks. Ask moving companies about a complete list of hazardous materials.
  • Labeling boxes. If possible, itemize every item you placed inside every box. But if you do not have the time to itemize, just label boxes with colored markers to indicate which box belongs in which room of your new house.
  • Properly tie cords. Each electrical cord should be wrapped properly to prevent tangling. Use baggie twist-ties or rubber bands to secure and prevent cords from unraveling.

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