The process of moving.

If there was one thing in this world my wife loved doing, it was moving into a new home. I did not find the source of fun from such a tedious process. But, this was something which my wife relished doing. Sometimes, I had even wondered if she had married me, for the love she had for me, or due to the fact that I was regularly on the move, as my job required so. Hence, here we go. One more of those bad days, when I had to move out of my house, into a new one. This was the 8th time, I was moving. But in a way, I did enjoy the fact of my wife’s craze for this process. It saved me bills on paying for moving services. I also loved watching her at work. She used to get the boxes herself, label them, stack up the things and divide them amongst the boxes like a card dealer in a casino at Vegas! Sometime I also wondered if my wife needed to sign up as a ‘home movers expert consultant’ so as give people quality advice on moving.

So, back to business. It was move number 8, and my wife was at her usual best. ‘Can you get me the boxes from the lawn?’ she asked me. I shrugged assuring her in the affirmative and moved towards the lawn. However, on reaching the place, I found the neighborhood kids fiddling with a baseball and a glove. I walked up to them, ‘Hey boys. No one to play around with eh?’ the boys looks suggested their boredom. I grabbed the glove, picked up the ball and chucked a few throws at the boys, attempting to play catch with them. ‘Stuart! Are the boxes there?’ a howl from my living room.

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