Preparations to Make When Moving Home

Relocating can be a wonderful and exciting experience. However, discovering broken goods or furniture that was damaged during the course of the move can ruin anyone’s good spirits. To make sure that all your precious belongings get to your target destination safe and sound, here are a several guidelines to keep in mind.

The first rule might be basic, but it is also the most important: you should only hire a dependable and reputable moving company. This can spell the difference between disaster or success when you are moving home. Remember that only credible companies have clear rules regarding belongings damaged during transit. Choose a removals company with a good background. Check with the Better Business Bureau to review their past records, and scrutinize the company policies and procedures. A trustworthy moving company should have their license, as well as insurance protecting them against damage, accidents, and other unexpected events that may come up.

Ensure that you get a good range of price estimates. Gather a good number of quotations from several moving companies and do a careful comparison of their services before settling down for the best deal. Scrutinize the services they feature because prices do not necessarily determine which company gives you the most value for your money. Check why some companies quote higher bids than others, and find out if these extra services are worth spending for.

You should always keep a close eye during the packaging process. While some movers just load all the goods in their truck and unload after arrival, other companies pack your belongings and unpack them upon getting to the destination. If the company you hire has a policy of doing the latter, you should monitor them while the packaging occurs. You should never leave things to chance. If the movers are packing up fragile valuables such as china or glassware, see to it that they wrap each piece individually and place them in a well-padded box. If by any chance you have kept the original packaging for any of your items, you should give it to the movers.

If you opt to do the packaging by yourself, check first with the policy of the moving company. Some of them have a rule that they cannot be held responsible for items that have been packed by the owners. Make sure that you verify all the small details before moving home.

You may also wish to document the move itself. Photographing or videotaping all your belongings before you pack is a good idea. This can serve as a record of the possessions you have or the conditions they were previously in just in case you find that an item is lost or damages during the move.

Moving house can be fraught with a lot of complications. However, you can do your best to minimize these with the right precautions. Take charge by doing your moving company research thoroughly. By exercising these safety measures, you can help protect your valuable belongings from the usual risks involved with relocating.

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