Moving, as I watch on.

Sometimes, my behavior can get on the nerves of people. I love lazing around, especially, when assigned a task. I wouldn’t particularly regard it as an asset of my character, but it is rather unique of me (I really don’t know why I say this, as every other friend of mine, claims to laze around).

Hence, sticking to the above statement of mine, I woke up late, the day we were to move to a new house. My dad asked me to pack my stuff into the cardboard boxes which had been stacked in a corner of my room. I ignored his pleas as usual, stepped out of bed, and slid directly into my computer. 2 new updates from facebook and a couple of emails. I checked them out. One of the emails was something to do with moving. Hence, I thought exploring it would be of help. At least, I could boast of something when my dad narrated the incident to his friends and relatives! Clicking on it, it took me to a page, which captioned as moving companies in Las Vegas. Whoa! If I could move into that city, it would be paradise forever.

‘Get yourself together and start packing’, one of dad’s moronic calls. Seriously, I hate being a rebel, but I always end up being one. I glanced at my watch, time for a snack. As I made my way into the kitchen, I saw mom helping the moving service people, with cardboard cartons into a huge truck. I looked around the kitchen; it did not look like one anymore. However, my task was accomplished, as there was an opened box of cereal and a carton of milk. I just took plain cereal and shoved some into my mouth. Suddenly, something snatched the box away from me. No prizes for guessing the villain here. Dad of course!

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