Move On.

Off late, I have been seeing some promos on television with a caption of ‘Move on’. When I saw the posters in the streets, I wondered if it had anything to do with moving services. Finally, I discovered that it was a promotional campaign for watches and shades of a famous brand.

Moving on is not a task as easy as it sounds. ‘Move On’ in those promos were in relation to the break up of a relation between guys and gals, and that, they needed to ‘Move On’, wearing those watches and shades. It was attempted at the teens and the age group of 16-25. This was obviously their target audience. But, coming back to my topic, moving on, is a task which is complicated. The mind battles with itself on leaving sometime, so dearly loved. Tears flow, and finally, they decide to break up as the relation seems to struggle, and is no longer smooth. When I discussed this with my friend, he laughed over it. He exclaimed, “Even I thought the promos were for movers of houses!” He continued, “See. I have broken up, and ‘moved on’, its no big deal dude!”. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal after all. I had not committed myself to a girl so far, and hence, maybe thought it was all a big deal and stuff. But I sincerely believed this was the way things worked. That people, who at least claimed who loved each other, did not really want to part. My friend had a bad experience with his girl, and he got over it. He seemed perfectly normal to me. The promos still air on the television screens. Even advertisements have been made on them. I still wonder when I see them, is it really not a ‘big deal’ or is that, just a phrase to console each other, and heal the wounds of ‘moving on’?

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