Aw! Move it

When you move, you move with a mind to take at ease, whatever crops up. Even if that means losing some of your precious stuff. Now, my experience with moving wasn’t a particularly memorable one. I had taken the day off from work, and it was a loss of pay. Strike one. Due to pending files, and a burgeoning schedule of meetings with the bosses, I was clearly expected not to take an off anytime this month, but it so happened that I did. So next day at work, meant dealing with an angry boss. Do they still sell those polka dotted ties, which can soothe down your boss? Anyways, I was here, and so were my stuff spread around me.

Sometimes, it occurred to me why one needed to pack while moving. Home movers did a fantastic job, no doubt. But, why pack? I mean, when all you were going to do was unpack! My logic can go awry many a time, as I lose my sense of mind more than quite often these days. Blame it on my cubicle and the insane presence of files in it. Well, I did not have all day, but still, to make it a last minute affair, I decided to take a nap, and yes, as usual before that, the usual hourly check of the mail. Yes, a howler from the boss. Transferred it to the Spam folder. Next, a mail concerning moving. I had registered in a couple of sites to get tips on moving into a new house. But they were sending me offers from Austin movers instead! ‘Nice Tip’ I shrugged, shut down my baby, (sorry! I call my Mac as baby) and dozed off on the couch. ‘Brrrr’ my phone vibrated its entire might, only to find the lazy me pick it in slow-mo. Oops! Time to move…

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