Choose Green Moving Services

Moving is not the most pleasurable thing to do. There are a lot to pack, certain matters need to get fixed, and it can really be expensive. When looking at moving services, you should consider the things it can and cannot do for you on your move. If you find a moving service to be too expensive, you can lessen costs by doing some things that can help you save.

Find a moving service that does not require you to buy boxes. Paper boxes can cost you a lot, especially since you have to pack a lot of stuff. After your move, you will most likely find no use for your boxes. Find a moving service that does not require you to buy boxes. Go Green Moving provides plastic boxes to its customers, and instead of selling, just rents them out. Through this act, you do not only save money, you also help save the earth. offers solutions to movers. Owned by Spencer Brown, the business is now three years old, and continues to get more customers both in the residential and in the commercial areas.

If you are interested in renting the green boxes from, here is how it happens: You first have to contact them and give them the details about your move and about the things that you will need. Afterwards, Recopacks, the boxes that they rent out which are made of recycled plastic, will be delivered to your place. You will then be given time to pack your things until the moving service comes and loads your boxes to the moving truck. After one week, the plastic boxes should be ready to picked up again by

The trend to go green has definitely affected the moving industry. A lot of moving companies are offering environment-friendly services that would not only help save the earth, but would also help save you avoid wasting a lot of money and materials.

Mover Not Shakers, a Brooklyn-based moving service, offers bins for rent around the New York and New Jersey area. Its owner Mark Ehrhardt has recently put up a website called This website aims to provide movers with a list of environment-friendly moving services across the country. He hopes that this website continues to grow and that more moving companies join the advocacy of being eco-friendly.

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